How a baby girl was left to die in a carton in Uyo

A baby girl, dressed and abandoned by
her mother in a biscuit carton near Eco Bank, along Ikot Ekpene Road,
Uyo, died after hours of battling for survival.

According to Punch Newspaper, the baby, was said to have been
abandoned by her mother at about 11:30pm on Friday, died around 11:58am
on Saturday after many hours of crying for help.
The baby became pale after a long period of
crying for her mum’s comfort before passing out.
An eyewitness, Isaac said he wanted to check if Total
Filling Station along Ikot Ekpene Road, Uyo had begun to sell fuel when
he heard a baby cry near the refuse bin, dressed neatly and dumped in
the biscuit carton.
According to him, he was perplexed and
had to suspend buying fuel and kept watch over the baby since 5:47am
thinking that the mother might change her mind and come back for the
He stated that the baby’s cry from the carton drew the attention of a large number of people.
Isaac added that people were scared to
touch the baby to avoid being accused by the police of trying to steal
or kidnap the baby.
“I have been here since 5:47am. I wanted
to buy fuel from Total, which only sells the product when available
between the hours of 4 and 6:20am. After this time, they stop selling
pretending not to have the product.
“As I was passing, I heard the cry of
the baby. I began to wonder where the baby was crying from. But when I
got near the refuse bin, just off the road, I saw a baby girl neatly
dressed and dumped in a biscuit carton.
“I could not go to Total in search of
fuel again. I stayed behind to observe if the mother of the baby might
change her mind and come back for the baby. And before long, people
started to troop in as they heard the cry of the baby.
“But as we live in a period of child
theft and selling of children for money, people were scared to touch the
baby. They all stood helpless, should anyone risk lifting the baby, and
the police happen to be around, the individual can be accused of child
theft, or whatever,” he said.

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