Patience Jonathan emerges Nigeria’s best first lady…knocks out Aisha Buhari

Over the past decade, Nigerians have had the opportunity of having amazingly powerful women as The First Lady of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

Nigeria’s first lady since the beginning of the decade include; Stella Obasanjo, Turai Yar’Adua, Patience Jonathan and Aisha Buhari and yes, we all have our favorites.

In a new poll conducted on Instagram, users were asked to vote their favorite as three of Nigeria’s previous first lady (Stella Obasanjo, Turai Yar’Adua, Patience Jonathan) and its current one, Aisha Buhari were put together in a photo collage.

Stella Obasanjo is the only first lady to have died in office as her tenure came to an end on 23 October 2005. It happened that weeks before her 60th birthday, she underwent an elective liposuction abroad which Nigerians later found out as she developed complications and lost her life the same day a Nigerian plane carrying 117 passengers and crew crashed, leaving no survivors.

Also, Turai Yar’Adua has been off the scene since her husband’s death on 9th February 2010, she remained off the Media for years and she didn’t participate in consequent presidential elections.

Interestingly, the poll results showed that many Nigerians are full of admiration for Patience Dame Jonathan as against the current first lady, Aisha Buhari who has been making headlines lately for being “too outspoken”.

A large number of persons preferred Patience Dame Jonathan owing to her comic nature as well as her positive vibes, communication style, etc.

Though many came after her for her grammatical errors, the first lady’s tenure which started on 9 February 2010 and ended 29th May, 2015 left many inspired as her series of drama was a source of joy to Nigerians who were unhappy at the economic situation at the time.

Nigerians can’t seem to forget the viral video capturing the first lady speaking on the Chibok girls incident as she exclaimed Chai…Chai, wee you keep kwayet”.

Check out some of the reactions here;

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