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Hehehehe! Fashola rejects Chieftancy title, says “Keep it to yourself for now… “



Hehehe, I so much love Governor Fashola, he is incredibly smart!

Well, apart from the fact that he is one of the ‘efficient’ governors in Nigeria today, the ‘smart’ Lagos state governor on Saturday politely rejected
the honour of a chieftaincy title from a royal father, Oniru of Iru
land, Lagos, Oba Abidun Idowu Oniru. (Ghen Ghen, Just like that)
Any other governor would have jumped at such an offer….don’t mind, #JustSaying!
Well, this is why Fashola rejected the offer,
Kabiyesi and his chiefs can continue to lead
us, let them deal with all those traditional and chieftaincy issues. At
the appropriate time, we will come and join them, but for now, leave us
in our suits, booths, overalls and helmets, because this agbada is not
good for clearing refuse and tarring the roads.

He, however, received the award of excellence conferred on him by the
monarch who was celebrating his 75th birthday and 18th coronation
anniversary. While expressing his appreciation to Oba Oniru for
honouring him, Fashola said the task of governance required absolute
focus and would want the chieftaincy title to wait for now.

On the award for excellence, Fashola said it was not for him; rather he
dedicated it to all the civil servants in the state who he said were
responsible for the giant strides of his administration.
My governor, good thinking.
Keep the fire burning.