Headies 2014: Have you ever heard this Psquare story

Still on the headies that held last night, we have got lotta gists for you, keep clam, lol!
Peter and Paul Okoye of Psquare, winners of the Special recognition award at
the just concluded Headies awards, have revealed how it took them years to save
their first million naira.

Just before they were given their
awards, the twin brothers who wowed the audience with a rendition of
their old tracks, at the annual music and video awards, revealed the
other side of them that fans did not know.
“While we were living
in Jos, we lived with our uncle and he gave us – Jude, Paul and Peter
just one room to share. It wasn’t easy, we were squatting with a large
we came to Lagos and after selling our stuffs, we were able to rent a
one-room apartment and you know we had no chairs but we did not care.
All we were after was how to market our music…..eventually money started
coming in but it was small, very small. For a while, we were angry that
our names were being mentioned everywhere and peeps would see us to
say, ‘I just saw your music on MTV base”, meanwhile we had no TV to even
watch the MTV base in our house”.
their first one million naira, they said “The first time we had one
million naira we celebrated it. For a long while, all we could save was
N850,000 and it was paining us. One day however, we went for a concert
and right there we were paid N150, 000, then it was big money. We
immediately added it to the N850,000 and voila, we had N1million. We
bought drinks to celebrate, we were glad that we were now millionaires.
“To the upcoming artiste, you don’t make money immediately, it’s like you are investing in music and would reap later on”.
They dedicated their awards to their late parents, wives and kids.


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