“Having three wives is my destiny” OJB Jezreel preaches against polygamous marriage

Many didn’t know OJB Jezreel had three wives until recently when  his
first wife donated one of her kidneys to save his life. Speaking to
Punch, he says he won’t advice anyone to marry three wives but said it
was his destiny.

See excerpts below:

Would it be correct to say you now have more affection for the wife that donated her kidney to you more than the others?
Definitely. In fact, affection is not
even the word to use. I don’t even know what to say. She just did it. It
wasn’t as if she was supposed to do it. I was shocked. I just look at
her and I don’t say a word. I am not the kind of person who feels that
she must donate her kidney because I am her husband, no. Such decisions
should come naturally. Right now, I have more than affection for her.
Your health challenge opened
up a whole lot about your personal life; most people didn’t even know
you had more than one wife and may be still counting…
I have reached the bus stop, there is no other wife coming.
Was it by choice or design that you have three wives?
It is everything. But predominantly, I
think it is by design. Some people believe in destiny while some others
don’t. I think it was destined to happen. I believe in destiny. I don’t
think I would have survived it if it weren’t destined to be. People get
shocked that I have three wives because I don’t live like somebody who
has three wives. Come to think of it, there is no particular way to live
life. Am I supposed to wear three shirts because I have three wives? I
don’t even advise people to have three wives and when I talk about it,
they are shocked.
But you married three?
Oh yes I did. When I was growing up, I
even said I was not going to get married. I said I would just have
children. But see, it is not the same story now. I just feel it is
Don’t you regret it?
There is no regret. Initially, you would
tell yourself that if you had one wife, this would have happened or
that would have happened if you didn’t. But then again, you have to
check and understand that life is in stages. I am appreciating life the
way it is. Out of the marriages, I have eight beautiful children. When I
look at them, I am happy. They are my investment.
Was it fame that made you to marry three wives?
I don’t think it has anything to do with
fame. There are people without fame yet they married more than three
wives. Those people are not even rich. I think it is destiny; there is
no other way to explain it.

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