Have you got diagonal crease across your lobes? It may indicate that you will likely have stroke (Photos)

If your ear lobe looks like this, you could be at higher risk of a stroke

Presence of diagonal creases across your ear lobes may indicate a worrying sign that you’re at increased risk of suffering a stroke. The crease is known to be Frank’s mark or sign.
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Israeli scientists examined 241 men who had had a stroke – and found
that three-quarters of them have the mark, known as ‘Frank’s sign’.

Some researchers believe that clogging of the arteries – which
increases the risk of stroke – also leads to poor blood supply in the
ear lobes, the Mail on Sunday reported.
Others believe it’s simply a sign of old age.
If your ear lobe looks like this, you could be at higher risk of a stroke

Dr Yaqoob Bhat, clinical director for stroke medicine at the Aneurin
Bevan University Health Board in South Wales, said: ‘The so-called
Frank’s sign in the ear lobes has been recognised as having a possible
association with advanced age, but some studies have shown its
association with cardiovascular risk factors like diabetes,
hypertension, ischaemic heart disease, and peripheral vascular disease.

‘This new study suggests an association with increased risk of stroke, but further studies are needed to assess its importance.’

Source: Metro UK


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