Haruna Momoh’s Best Friend, Annie Wellington’s Mistress Gives Birth To A Set Of Twins

Before money and the women in their lives created a
chasm between them, Annie Wellington and former managing director of the
Pipeline Products Marketing Company, PPMC, Prince Haruna Momoh were
best of friends. They were ride or die buddies who did virtually
everything together.

In fact, Momoh’s rise to the pinnacle of the PPMC was said to have
had invaluable inputs from Wellington with the unwritten agreement that
returns via contracts would be made. That never happened. And then,
their two wives fell apart when Annie’s wife, Winnie, discovered that
some expensive pieces of jewellery she bought from Halene (who is of
Barbadian and Nigerian descent) were defective.

Halene reportedly failed to replace the jewelleries while
interventions from Annie to prevail on his wife bounced off negatively
on him. Haruna, the top shot, tactically severed contacts with his
friend and things gradually fell apart between them. The promised
businesses from the PPMC never came and the Wellingtons relocated to the
United States. But, this is not the story.

Things were rough and tough for the family and they had to resort to
all sorts to make ends meet in the US. Winnie stuck with her husband
believing that fortune would smile on him again. If only she knew…News
filtering in from sources close to the Wellingtons say their home is on
fire as Winnie has just been reliably informed that her husband not only
had been keeping a mistress, the said mistress has just put to bed.

Winnie is devastated. But he doesn’t have any choice than to accept
his new set of twins. Interestingly, Annie’s first wife had a set of
twins for him some years ago too. Yes, the ‘superman’ is blessed with
two sets of twins all now in America. He needs not to be told now that
he has to gird his loins to be able to fend for his ‘large’ family.

Source: The Capital

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