Grace Amah releases new photos, opens up on marrying again + Relationship with Jimi Agbaje

Beautiful actress Grace Amah is not in a hurry to say I do. Yup, she is calmly waiting for God’s time. The single mother who recently clocked plus one, had an interesting chat with Encomium where she opened up on her kind of man and also addressed the reports that she is dating the Lagos PDP governorship candidate, Mr. Jimi Agbaje.
See excerpts below:

with her son

with her son

What is your level of involvement in Mr Jimi Agbaje’s campaigns?

What you see drumming support for Jimi Agbaje with me and other
artists is borne out of long time desire for alternative government in
Lagos state.  We did not just start campaigning for Jimi Agbaje because
of this election.  We started as a Non Governmental Organisation (NGO)
promoting what we vision as a New Lagos where education is not a slogan
but a reality.  A state that is not in the pocket of one man but a state
that belongs to Lagosians who are Nigerians from different walks of
life and from different parts of the country who live and pay their
taxes in the state. We desire a new Lagos where the dignity of man is of
high premium and infrastructure is not only given the due attention it
deserves in all nooks and crannies of the state but must be working.
Lagos State has the highest internally generated revenue in the whole
federation yet many social facilities are not working.

Some parts of Lagos State can be without light for months or weeks
and yet nobody takes responsibility. So, our movement FOR NEW LAGOS
(#4NL) started before Jimi Agbaje came into the race for governorship of
the state, but his vision and manifesto encapsulates the vision of our
movement and so we joined his campaign to promote his vision for the
state.  So, my involvement in the campaign is as a result of the
adoption of the PDP governorship candidate by my organisation #4NL.

You featured prominently in one of his commercials. How were you contracted?

All members of #4NL featured in the commercial. It’s not for one
person and nobody was contracted in that sense of contract. We support
what we believe will bring good life to Lagosians.  We are not rented by
anybody to campaign for Jimi Agbaje. So, the issue of how much I
received does not arise.

Were you paid well and can you give us an idea of your fee?

From the background I gave you above, the issue of payment is not
involved. We are promoting a cause we believe will help to promote and
sustain our democracy. Lagos state desires change from the present
government to another government so that Lagosians will live as people
with equal stake and have sense of belonging in the state.

So, you chose to work for Agbaje and not APC’s Akinwumi Ambode because he represents the Lagos of your dream?

Yes, Agbaje’s vision and manifesto fall within the purview of the
vision of our Movement for a new Lagos state which is an NGO.  APC has
ruled Lagos for 16 years even though under different nomenclatures, the
drivers are the same. The party has done its best. We do not believe it
has new ideas different from what it has promoted in the state in the
past 16 years. So, we need new ideas and vision that will guarantee
sense of belonging to Lagosians, irrespective of where they come from. 
We believe PDP holds that key and we support a man like Jimi Agbaje
whose life from childhood typifies an ordinary Lagosian.  He has the
ability to drive the new vision in the state.

What is new for Grace Amah?

What is new for Grace Amah?  As usual it’s a new year, new vision and
sustained focus. I will focus on my project of attending to the needy
in society, promote issues that will help keep away our society from the
domination of the privileged at the expense of the poor. I want to
drive a vision where everyone in society will be proud to identify with
that society and willingly contribute to the building of the society in
all ramifications. I want to remain as role model to the young ones that
holds the key to the future of the society tomorrow.

Would you say you are fully back to Nollywood?

I am fully back to Nollywood.  I never left Nollywood.  I only needed
to give the desired attention to the family which is the primary
constituency of every human person. But I am fully back now. You will
begin to see my new movies in due course because I’m getting busier.

Your son is four.  How does it feel?

My son would be four years next month.  That was the reason you were
not seeing me on screen as usual. It’s a joy of every mother to see her
child in good health and in a peaceful home.

What is your relationship with his father?

My son’s father is fine. There is no problem.  What is important is
not relationship per se but the welfare or well being of the child. And I
can confirm that my son is growing great and doing very well in school.

Does he pay special attention to him?

I don’t know what special attention is.  He pays attention to him and that is enough.

We are still asking if you’ve found love or you will stick to your baby daddy?

When I am ready to discuss my love life I will invite the press (laughs).

What do you really want from the man to spend the rest of your life?

Any man that I will spend the rest of my life with will be credible.
He must have integrity. He must be caring and ready to tolerate our

Is it really difficult to find true love?

Finding true love depends on what the person searching for love
wants. What I want in love may not be what another person wants.  I will
marry at God’s appointed time.

You would be a year older on Monday, February 23, how are you celebrating your birthday?

Yes, my birthday is on Monday, February 23 and I would be honoured to have you join me as I mark it with the children at The Home of God’s Grace Orphanage, Agbowa Ikorodu, Lagos.  Time is 11 am.  I don’t know what my friends and fans are planning after the charity.

What are you most grateful to God and your greatest wish?

I am grateful to God for life and good health. He is a great provider
and I will worship Him forever. I pray to live a fulfilled life worth
emulating and pleasing to God Almighty.


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