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Gov. Ambode reveals why he doesn’t joke with his wife



Many people do not know the kind of woman Lagos Governor, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode
is married to. This is because the Lagos First Lady is quiet and easy
going. And she is a very private person despite the fact that she is
like a golden fish which has no hiding place.

In his recent interview with City People,
Governor Akinwunmi Ambode acknowledged the vital role the Lagos 1st
Lady has played in his life. He revealed that apart from his dad and
mum, his wife is also one person who has influenced him greatly. How did
his dad and mum influence him into succeeding? He said it was because
they doubted his ability to come out successful in his chosen
profession, Accountancy. That was what propelled him to success.

“I graduated at 21. By 24, I had my Masters degree, I had my ICAN
qualification. I was working with the State Government. So, you can
imagine by age 24, you are already a multi-tasker. So, 30 years after,
tell me, what else do you think I would have become apart from been a
multi tasker? I am a multi-tasker for ever. Its my life. I have been
designed to multi-task in other to prove that I don’t want to go the
same route my parents. And then God gave me the grace. God gave me the
blessing, endowed me with a prayer warrior in the person of my wife.”

“My wife has just been a complimentary blessing. People know me. I am
too care free but I have a companion that is strong. Like they say that
couples complement each other, that is one thing I cherish, all and my
life. Sometimes, you meet people along the way and they become energy
for you. They give you the right aura, and mine has not been different. I
thank God. That is what has made me who I am.”

Who is First Lady, Mrs. Bolanle Patience Ambode? City People can
authoritatively reveal that she is a devoted wife and mother. She was
born into the Odukomaiya family in Epe, Lagos, on February 15, 1964. She
attended St. Theresa’s College, Ibadan, Oyo, for her secondary school
and Lagos State University (LASU), Ojo, Lagos, where she graduated in
Physics/Mathematics for her first degree in 1989 and later Masters
degree (MSc) in Public Administration in 1994.

Until her emergence as the Wife of the Governor of the State of
Lagos, she worked as a staffer of the now defunct People’s Bank of
Nigeria before she left to join Instant Finance Nigeria Limited and
later Aguagem Consulting. She is the Managing Director and Chief
Executive Officer of Rehoboth Chops and Confectioneries Limited. The
Rehoboth bread is said to be very popular among Lagosians.

Since the inauguration of the administration, Mrs. Bolanle Ambode has
showcased an exemplary profile of Mother to all. She has been an
epitome of care and love as the chief host in the State Government

Her concern for the welfare and happiness of people has led to
philanthropic activities revolving around care for the widows, people
living with physical challenges and children

Mrs. Ambode is also said to be a consummate and cheerful giver who
has, for some years now, been donating to many motherless babies homes
in and around Lagos metropolis…