Frustrated Nigerian student states reasons why he regrets going to the University

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A frustrated Nigerian student has cried out online on why he regrets going to the university! The final year marketing student of a South-Eastern state university writes below…

when I was in secondary school I was among the best in my class,is either I came first, second or third I never had any position below them. 
my parents were so happy and proud of me and vow to train me up to University education even if it will cost them starving just make sure I attend University because they were poor.
After hearing this from them I became so happy and elevated (remember those feelings then that u will go to University, those feelings no be here) at that time I don’t think about anything else except University, jamb,post utme , life in campus and any other thing relating to University.
I wrote my first jamb in 2009, scored above 260, then score relatevely high post utme but I was denied admission in one of the federal University in Nigeria not because I didn’t meet the cut off mark but because I don’t have money to runs the admission,I lost the admission that year and became so frustrated and dejected. 
let Make it short, i have been writing jamb from 2009 till lastly in 2013 when I got admission to study marketing in one the state University in South East.
I,m in my final year now studying marketing just few months for me to graduate.
You may be wondering while i,m writing this,now let me tell you. 
I,m writing this first because ……
1 I,m frustrated right now because after graduation I will start roaming the streets looking for job.
2 Had it been I use those time I spent in writing jamb and do business by now I would have been s millionaire by now.
3 Had it been my parents advice me to learn trade by now I would have been my own oga controlling millions.
4 I have to start afresh and enter the streets for hustling because there is no jobs out there, so why the certificate when I can read and write with secondary education.

Then, why did I spent all the years looking for certificate that I may not use tomorrow because streets pays more than salary.
I remember how I hustle during holidays to meet up the needs in school thinking after graduation good jobs are there waiting for me.
Should I said I wasted my time acquiring University education or what, somebody should answer me.
I think I regret Ever going to University.

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