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First official portrait from Toyin Abraham and Kolawole Ajeyemi’s wedding and how they deceived the public

Actress Toyin Abraham has finally come out in the open about her relationship with actor Kolawole Ajeyemi as they tied the knot last week.

The latest couple in town have been playing hide and seek with fans about their affair, with Kolawole Ajeyemi even going as far as laying curses on bloggers for linking him with Toyin Abraham. Read HERE

Still not believing that the snoopy eyes of bloggers are off his back, Kolawole Ajeyemi held a secret engagement ceremony with Toyin Abraham. The pictures he flooded on social media showed him playing couple with a beautiful woman, not Toyin Abraham.

The woman in the pictures acted as his wife to distract many from knowing that the engagement ceremony was actually between Toyin Abraham and Kolawole Ajeyemi.

It was later learnt that the woman is already married and with kids. This latest information made many to return focus back on Toyin Abraham as they concluded that it must mean that she is already pregnant for the affair between her and Kolawole to be kept very secret.

This insinuation started gaining momentum as recent pictures of Toyin Abraham showed her looking plump with a swollen face. She also did well to keep away from public eye.

Well, a photo showing her playing couple with Kolawole Ajeyemi has surfaced and it clearly shows that the engagement ceremony Kolawole had was actually with Toyin Abraham and not with the strange woman whom whom we may say was hired to distract the public.

Toyin Abraham - Kolawole Ajeyemi
Toyin Abraham – Kolawole Ajeyemi

The attire won by Kolawole Ajeyemi in the above picture with Toyin Abraham is exactly the same he wore in the pictures he shared with the unidentified woman whom we can now say played a role to distract the public. Clearly, the above photo suggests that the latest couple in town are now ready to come out of their hiding.

The idea to keep their relationship secret might be as a result of Toyin Abraham’s first marriage to actor Adeniyi Johnson which failed. To keep the public from prying into her new affair, the actress must have decided to keep things low-key and secret, hence the secret wedding. It is even believed that the actress who has deleted all her Instagram photos has put to bed for her new husband.


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