Easter 2019: Fashion guide on what (not) to wear on Easter Sunday (photos)

Between the cooking, cleaning, visiting hours and more, figuring out what to wear on Easter Sunday is probably the least of your concerns leading up to the holiday.

However, a church service or Easter party typically calls for something a bit formal, which may require just a little preparation on your part.

On Easter Sunday, Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The holiday is often symbolized by eggs, and fowls, which represent images of new life.

Likewise, Easter clothing typically evokes bright, spring-like colors, patterns and styles.

Here’s some tips on how to look your best for this year’s Easter Sunday!

  1. Going full traditional:
    You want to go traditional with your native head gear, then go for it fully!

2. Polka dots/print mix

You could also try playing with polka dots or prints.

3. The modern hats

You can make a statement with your fashionable modern hat.

Easter sunday wear

4. Neck scarfs

If you missed our featured post on how to rock Neck scarfs as shared last weekend, check here for tips.

5. Ankara easy

Over the weekend, we brought you some of the best collection of Ankara print styles as shared on our churchy and fly Instagram page.

6. Solid on solid color mix

7. Floral:

In whatever it is you are wearing, just be you! You don’t have break a bank to make a fashion statement for Easter, just look good!

Meanwhile, avoid the following:

  1. Overly casual outfits
    Trade in your jeans for a pair of flowy dress pants or a pleated skirt — both have really fun movement for the season and are still comfortable.
  2. Distracting attire
    Whether it’s a crying baby or loud coughing, there are likely times you can recall a distraction when you’re trying to stay focused in church. Well, you’re clothing can be distracting, too.
    Distraction could be anything from a shirt that has a ton of writing on it to something that’s provocative, or even just something that’s loud in color or bangles that make a lot of noise.
    There are lots of ways for clothing to be distracting other than provocative.”
  3. Uncomfortable clothing
    Skip ensembles that are too tight, shoes that pinch, or materials that are too scratchy — they’ll only detract from your enjoyment of the Easter holiday. You’ll thank us later!
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