FAAN reacts to Aremu Afolayan’s viral airport rant

Aremu afolayan

The Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria, FAAN, has reacted following a video shared by actor Aremu Afolayan.

In the video which went viral, the actor could be heard slamming President Buhari and Governor Ambidextrous after bribe was demanded from him before he could enter the terminal of the airport in Lagos to see his sister off who was traveling.

Reacting to the viral video, FAAN released a public statement notifying everyone that access to the terminal is free.

“The Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) hereby notifies all passengers and other airport users that access to the terminal building is free. All passengers and airport users are therefore advised not to give money to any ‘airport official’ to gain access into the terminal.”

Aremu afolayan

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