Exclusive: Thoughtful children throw their parents a surprise 40th wedding anniversary party (photos, videos)

Andrew and Julliet Urevbu, CEOs Upss Canp and Cam were recently thrown a surprise 40th wedding anniversary party by their kids!

The super couple married on July 19th 1977 and this year July 2017 marked 40 years.

What could possibly be done to mark this momentous achievement?

A plan was hatched over 6 months ago. Looking back, the children realized their mum never had a white wedding. Thier wedding was marked 40 years ago in the living room of Juliet’s parents with only a few witnesses.

So that was it, the children decided to give their parents the grandest wedding anniversary that the could muster reminiscent of a real wedding ceremony. Therein lay another problem.

Considering the fact that Mrs Julliet Urevbu was the CEO of Aesthetic Concepts the BEST wedding decor outfit in Southern Nigeria, who would do the decor for this wedding anniversary?

The children got a fake bride and groom  made preparations for a fake wedding. So she prepared an extravagant wedding reception decoration for the fake bride and groom ” Jessica and Prince. Then came the explosive surprise …

Watch the emotional moment the surprise was unveiled:

#kemifilaniblog Aww! We had a surprise 40th anniversary for my folks… they had no idea! They thought they were attending a wedding ? | Film @ing_filmworks Decor @aesthetic_concepts Cake @lizzycakeandcrafts Dress @afrikcouture

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