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Ex-BBNaija star Alex reveals her horrible experience with waist trainer

Ex-BBNaija reality TV star, Alex has revealed how wearing waist trainer almost snuffed her out of her life.

According to a post she shared on social media, she had to quickly take it off in front of strangers when she couldn’t bear the pain. This made her to conclude that waist trainer is nothing but bondage.

She wrote:

“First time,I had to stop at an eatery close to my house and ran to their rest room to take it off. Second time I sat for 10 minutes and took it out in front of people. Trust me, I tried to endure but it kept screaming “I’ll kill you”I’ll try waist trainer again for the third and last time today. Let’s see ifI breathe. I don’t know how people endure bondage . That thing puts hands on my neck, threatening to strangle me. I even have headache .”

A Twitter user @ pweetydoreen who narrated her own experience with waist trainer stated that it caused her cramps.

”I bought my first waist beads last year, it was really beautiful, then I started having pains like menstrual cramps every day, with each day that past it got worse, I had this headache too, I couldn’t sleep well for days, then I decided to remove it,, Boom… Everything stopped. “

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