Emmy Collins is back; mocks Chris Okotie, Toke Makinwa, Omawumi, Eku Edewor, D’banj, Ladun Liadi, others

You all know who Emmy is right…the dude that has criticized almost Nigerian celebrities including bloggers Linda Ikeji and Stella Dimokokorkus.
Here’s what Emmy Collins posted on his blog hours ago:

With her petite features,I believe toke would
get away with the outfit above if she wears the right shoes. However,
sometimes I believe there is something in the DNA of so called celebs
that prevents them from looking classy no matter how hard they try. I
think there is something called flair that is missing and without flair
it becomes extremely difficult to achieve much in fashion.
To be
honest,what I see in this picture isn`t anything special, it is very
forgettable and won`t make me wanna google Toke if I didn`t know her
before. To put it simply,this is so bleh so there.
Some of you
readers might deem this look worthy of a spot on our winners list but
judging from my standards, I would say this is not even close.You call
yourself a celebrity then we should demand world standard dress sense
from you and we don`t care what you go through to achieve it.
This is a NO from me but you guys are free to disagree with me.

Omawumi and Eku
focus here is Omawumi and Eku as I have already dealt with Toke.We all
know that you can`t associate style with Omawumi as she was nominated in
the worst dressed category during the last mother of raggedy awards. As
a matter of fact, she has actually done well here as we have come to
expect the worst from her. Seriously, I take this as an improvement.
Eku stands shoulders above her peers in the entertainment industry with
regards to styling but then I can guarantee you Eku wouldn`t be turning
heads in the streets of Milan, NYC,sunset strip, LA et al. In my opinion,
Eku is what could be tagged as a big fish in a small pound.Why?I did a
feature on her awhile ago because she is amongst the best locally.I
don`t see anything special really.
Before I bugger off to harass another victim, I must proffer my take on this dress here and my take is that of indifference.

bumped into this chic at Jennifer Obayuwana`s birthday (I guess I should
tag myself persona non grata at her gig this year, lol). Anyway when I
saw Dencia there, I felt I was looking at a ghost. There isn`t anything
real about this girl. This is one plastic chic right here.
However, I
can`t knock the babe for trying to make quick bucks from the ignorance
of people; big organisations do the same everyday and no one attacks
Considering all the studies that are available about the
negative repercussions of skin bleaching, any delusional chic who spends
her dosh on this toxic waste called whitenicious should be the one to
be heaped with the blame and not our babe o. Looking at it from her
angle, I ask, how do you expect a bird without any talent to make
money? She is tapping into what is apparently the stupidity of women who
reckon that bleaching attracts men to them.It might well attract men but
what quality of men are we talking about here and what do these men
want from the bleachers? Perhaps they just wanna get laid as man must
not live by wanking alone,lolllll

don’t give a rat ass if these high top sneakers were designed by Angel
Gabriel and delivered personally to Dapo, I will always detest these high
tops. I`m yet to see anyone who has made me appreciate them.
Zanotti is a brand I appreciate but only based on the female
collection. I however don`t have to appreciate everything he does and
you shouldn’t love any brand blindly as well. Show your love to a brand
one collection at a time.
When you make this much noise about a
pair of sneakers, it becomes very tedious and classless. Anyway I guess
all the blogs ran this as big news. Look at someone who should remain
cool in situations like this acting like a toddler who just received
his/her first three wheeled bicycle as a Christmas pressie.
D`Banj`s personal styling isn`t doing it for me here as well. He looks sooo hmmmm,I don`t know really to be honest.

Kim Kardashian
I look at this babe, what comes to mind instantly is sex and porn
movies. I have tried to view her differently but failed woefully. How
other folks perceive her is up to them but this is my opinion.
a lady always goes out of her way to look and appear like a porn
actress attempting to dress classy, then I don`t think I should be
blamed for having that perception of her.
I don`t believe any
classy girl needs all these showcasing of titties and ass.If it is there
we guys will sniff it out anyway unless you are hiding them in burqa.On
a few occasions I could have sworn I noticed the shapely behind of
women even in their burqas.Perhaps I have sensors in my eyes that detect
fine nyashes,lol.
The fact that we paid so much dosh to bring
someone as untalented and trashy as Kim Kardashian to Nigeria
exemplifies the dangers of leaving money in the hands of certain

Oluchi Orlandi Onweagba
have never been a fan of Oluchi when it comes to fashion.As a former
international model, Oluchi`s style is always a nasty kick in the teeth
for fashion.I don`t remember when she has ever gotten it right and she
didn`t get it right here either.I love the fact that she pulled her hair
in to a ponytail to expose her beautiful face but the slit to the
Vijaajay was just too hoodrat-ty. I get peeved when they incorporate
these endless slits and then try to cover their modesty with a
clutch,tote,newspaper or anything they can lay their hands on.If you are
not comfy with it then don`t wear it.
Perhaps,this could have
been a great dress but that unfortunate slit has cemented Oluchi`s
position in the losers list this week.
Enjoy it Mrs Orlandi.

Kanye West
target here is Kanye. The dude`s style is so not on and never has
been.His style was once overrated and then it got into his head forcing
him to believe he could design clothes.
The silhouette and sleeves
of the washed denim too are so awkward. It looks like something from
Forever 21. Not that there is anything wrong with the cheap and cheerful

Rukky sanda
is hard to pull any birdy costume off. If you don’t believe me, ask a
certain Omotola.
Also it becomes harder to pull off this sort off look if
your name is Rukky Sanda. A piece of advice to Rukky, ditch the Eba and
fufu and work on ways to get your waist cinched in. That way you can
achieve that look the model in this dress created. Thank me later

Rukky Sanda`s New look
Kai Rukky who send you nah?You definitely shouldn`t have gone there, haba.

Toke Makinwa and Maje Ayida
BB conversation about Toke ensued between me and a member of the family
and by family I mean a writer on this platform.Yes, they are like
family to me.Anyway here is how the conversation went:
thinking of doing an article not really based on Toke but using her as
an example of strengthening your brand, knowing when to be public and
when to be private ( I guess the writer was referring to Toke’s  secret marriage to her long-time boyfriend)
don`t really believe she is an example of what you are going for. What
is Toke’s brand and what does it really offer? Good fashion, good radio
or motivation? Toke is an example of those untalented but famous people
(someone say Kim Kardashian?) and I don`t gravitate towards them. Having
said that I believe her love relationship is hers and hers alone so
people need to butt out.
Writer: Lol, you are right about that.
this note, I wish to congratulate Toke on her wedding and wish her all
that her heart desires.I probably enjoyed this more than Toke because
you must be frustrated to be paying too much attention to someone`s love
interrelationship.She just hit some folks right where it
hurts,ouchhhh,that must have hurt bone-deep.Nice one Tokstarr
I bet some naysayers lost quite some sleep on this news.In Igbo we say “ntọọ”

Chris Okotie and former wife
is officially one of the worst Pastors presently in Nigerian. He
reckons God spoke to him to contest in the election. Didn`t God promise
him that he will win? When God directed David to fight Goliath he ensured
that David won because the Lord was with David.That his church members
believe all these lies that exits this guy`s mouth and that of his ilk
is quite worrisome.
This not a man of God because a man of god
would not waste as much money as this chap is wasting while some of his
church members are wallowing in abject poverty; This is downright mean.

Pela Tonye Okiemute
is the dude who tells us bleaching is healthy,abi?Well, have a good
look and tell me if this dude is healthy. He seems bloated and his
complexion is apparently not healthy looking.
If you are gonna
listen to this bloke then you are a dumb ass and deserve what is coming
to you.Knock yourselves out if this is how you wish to roll.

leaving music, I need to go into something more challenging. Music is
no longer competitive for me, I’ve done all that needs to be done in
music”, he said. Really, you have done all that needs to be done, 9ice? I
recollect correctly that your first single was just about 8years ago and
now you reckon you are a veteran? Joker! You are now inspired by money
so go get it if that is what you desire and quit yarning dust.

Ladun Liadi
sent this image of some blogger called Ladun last night and all I can
say is wowwwww, is she a drag queen?The make-up and lip-stick is so
I don`t think she is a bad looking girl but she needs
to simmerrrrrr the heck down on the make-up, KAI. I saw a video recently
where she seems to have slapped on twice the amount of make-up she has


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