Emmy Collins disses Paul Okoye’s wedding attire, Anita Isama, Peter Okoye, Richard Nnaji in new article

Emmy Collins needs no introduction, y’all know who he is….so read on!

First and foremost I must congratulate Paul who happens to be the intelligent and quiet one of the duo.  Now that we have gotten that out of the way I must declare that it is official now that the Okoyes don`t do quality, PERIOD so I`m never gonna pick on them ever again.

Considering the polyester drama that ensued during Peter`s wedding not quite long ago, it would have been fair to imagine that Paul would never want to be caught dead committing the same sort of fashion harakiri but alas he just fell into the same trap like his twin brother did.

He wasn`t decked up in polyester but from what I can see from my screen right now,he might as well have had a polyester themed wedding.I`m done with these chaps.  As if that wasn`t enough to wreak havoc to the style credibility of the Okoyes, Peter and his polyester crew showed up with the same style of Kaftan they wore at Peter`s wedding with the only difference being the colour.

I can`t confirm if the fabric was polyester or not due to the colour but I will find out. Can anyone confirm if Polyester was all over the floor once again?
Groom’s brother Peter of P-Square & Groomsmen, couldn`t they come up with something else to wear?

Music is a creative industry so get creative boys! Phewwwwwwww. 
Richard Nnadi , looking at the trousers, I`m tempted to declare this fabric as polyester. REALLY? WHATTTT!  Why do these guys employ obioma tailors to fix their pieces?Aba tailors would have been better albeit slightly more expensive.

Should I believe that money is the issue here or someone`s lack of comprehension of the word style and quality?  And oh, the MOPOLS definitely encourage me to take my next vacation in Port Harcourt hahahaha.On a serious note, the security issue isn`t peculiar to PH but I must opine that I feel relatively safe in Lagos Island even at nights as I haven`t heard any case of robbery on the Island in a long time.

This is the best I have ever seen Uche Jumbo EVER. Perhaps it might be advisable for her to buba ati iro it to the red carpet events. I don`t see where it says NO buba ati Iro allowed.

Joke Silva rocks her traditional ensembles to events and kills it each time but I guess she has a different personality and poise compared to Uche. The truth of the matter is that you can`t be doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different result, Madam so I hereby advise that you port to Buba ati iro level.

Lobatan,who carry afia iwu aka contraband enter here nah? I been think say we don hit the nail of the coffin of Chanel Lego bag since Sindodo made appearance with it. Nah you hit us with this one Mona aka Lisa?Make your head correct o, abeg.

Apparently Paul Okoye`s wifey is gorgeous. On the picture above she looks great in her traditional ensembles but the dress below fall my hand, kpomkwem! Sequins and big birdy fabric?Yeah, right. She was never gonna make it to the winners list on that one, mbanu.


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