D’Prince is working on plans to get married to the mother of his child

Unlike so most celebs who don’t eventually marry their baby mamas, Mavin Record artiste, D’Prince, has said he would eventually get married to his baby mama.
He said;

“I definitely have plans to get married to the mother of my child and as we speak, we are dating; we are in a relationship.
 I cannot say when I would get married because it is private
information. The day I get married, no one would know. The reason why I
am famous is
because of my music and not my relationship life or family, so I want that to be my focus.
What if my partner does not want to be in the limelight? I have to respect that. I don’t expose my private life,”
The singer who has been away from the spotlight for some years said
he had to take time off to raise his baby who is already two years old.
“I would not say that I disappeared from the entertainment scene. I have been up and about and beside, I have a baby and I had to travel to set up my house in America.
I was also recording album and even though this is my
second album, it feels like my first. To be frank, I actually needed a
quiet time to work on my music because a lot has been happening in the
industry.  Also, scarcity also increases the demand for a commodity.

“Fatherhood has been awesome. Being a father has actually changed
my life and because I have a child, I can say I am in a better place
now. I wish this feeling of peace,
settlement and vision for everyone.
A lot of test and challenges have come my way but being able to overcome them has really made me fulfilled. Initially
when my child was born, I was in shock because I did not believe that I
had become a father. But apart from that, there was nothing scary. When
I knew I was having a baby, I was scared because I did not know what
the future would hold.”


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