Daddy Freeze speaks on Ibinabo Fiberesima’s jail sentence, suggests another punishment for her

ibinabo eating eba okro soup
Last week, the Court of Appeal in Lagos dismissed the appeal
filed by the Ibinabo Fiberesima which challenged Lagos High Court
judgement sentencing her to five years in prison for the death of Dr.
Giwa Suraj. Following the social media reactions, her son penned a
heartfelt note, asking Nigerians to pray for their mother.
Now, popular and vocal OAP Daddy Freeze of CoolFM has called for her pardon.

Daddy Freeze. credit: Instagram/Daddy Freeze

“Should Ibinabo go to Jail for 5 years???” Daddy Freeze wrote in an Instagram post. “I ran a poll on the Roadshow on @coolfmlagos today, and callers voted 6:1 in favor of her serving the sentence. ”
“Do I agree? Well, no,” the OAP continued, and they added that her
children shouldn’t be deprived their mother, plus there are other
measures to punishing the embattled former beauty queen for the incident
that led to the death of another man.

Recall that Fiberesima was initially given a fine of N100,000 by
Chief magistrate O.A Isaacs for her reckless driving in Lekki, Lagos,
which led to the death of a doctor, Giwa Suraj in 2006. But the Lagos
State Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice, Olasupo Sasore
(SAN), was unsatisfied with the judgement and appealed it at the Lagos
High Court. The actress was then slammed with a five-year sentence which
she challenged at the Court of Appeal, asking that they revert to the
Magistrate Court ruling. Last week, she got back the five years
sentence. Though, her attorney has already filed for appeal at the
Supreme Court.

Well, should she go to jail?

Here’s what Daddy Freeze is proposing:

“… Let’s not deprive her children of their mother and not
further traumatized them with the negativity associated with their mum
being an ex-convict.

However, a N100,000 fine? Seriously???? what can 100k buy in Nigeria
today??? Not even an iPhone 6! Probably an iPhone 5s at the most! So are
you saying a woman would be deprived of her husbands love, care and
intimacy in exchange for an iPhone 5s??? Or the children would be told
“sorry guys daddy is gone but here is an iPhone 5s for you guys to
share” really???

I am of the opinion that she should be responsible for the upkeep and
maintenance of the children. This responsibility should be directly
proportional to her income. Also, a portion of her income should go to
the wife unless she, (the wife) states otherwise. No amount of money can
replace a loved one. However, taking financial responsibility could
help bring closure to the bereaved family.

I pray she is pardoned but she needs to show empathy and remorse, while being responsible for the family of the deceased.”


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