Don Jazzy finds himself an Ibo version of Rihanna :)

This new year is sure full of surprises. Don Jazzy has revealed an important information to the public.

Everyone knows how much Don Jazzy adores Rihanna – he bants and rants about the pop singer forever.

But obviously she is out of his reach (hey who knows, right? Anything
can happen) so imagine finding a home grown one? He must be elated!

Don Jazzy tweeted recently that he has found an Igbo Rihanna – no, not Igbo as per the local name for marijuana, he means Ibo as in the tribe, he clarified in a further tweet.

The tweet said, ”

I found an Igbo Rihanna.

— Michael Collins (@DONJAZZY) January 7, 2015

We are looking forward to more information about this Igbo Rihanna – we can’t wait!


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