Disheartening! This young Nigerian graduate died from Malaria (Photos)

Sochima Amanda Iloka, a graduate of Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka died yesterday after a brief illness. See more photos and details after cut…

According to friends on Facebook, the deceased popularly known as “Soch Money” suffered from malaria before her death. See a post by one of her friends below:
She was my senior in secondary school then, she left this world yesterday after a brief illness (Malaria), MAY YOUR SOUL REST IN PEACE AMEN. It is really a sad news that a young lady with a bright future like her died but the truth is that no one can reject death, I have been thinking about her demise since yesterday, I was saying that “she is too young to die”, then I remembered that there are some people that are more younger than her that are no more. This is just to remind us that we are on a journey in this world, no matter what we are doing on earth, let us keep in mind that no one knows his or her date of death, some people would be wondering how an ordinary malaria can kill someone, my dear, if God says it’s over, an ordinary sneeze can take you away, her death really touched me and it shows that we are nothing on this earth, we are dust and we shall return to where we belong, only the spirit will go for judgment. Let us not relent in being careful the way we live our life, everyday is not Christmas, one day you might wake up and see your body lying on the bed and you can’t go back to it, death is a respecter of no one, if you like be rich, poor, beautiful, ugly, it doesn’t matter, what matters is where we would spend our life eternally. BE CAREFUL HOW YOU LIVE YOUR LIFE! NO ONE KNOWS WHAT WILL HAPPEN IN THE NEXT SECOND!! REST IN PEACE DEAR SOCH…None expected it so soon.

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