Diesel now selling for N800 per litre

Diesel now sells for N800 per litre, with businesses in Nigeria now suffering from the sudden spike.

Findings from a survey conducted on Monday showed that, while most stations now charged between N600 and N700 per litre.

Some filling stations however sold at N800 per litre.

“We sold at N810 this evening to some of our customers in Abuja,” a private diesel supplier told The Gazette.

“Official rate is N600 but marketers have started hoarding the products because they won’t be able to stock again at the same rate.”

Filling stations, including Amash in Nasarawa, was selling diesel at N800 per litre.

Further checks with filling stations in Lagos showed that retailers were selling between N640 and N700 per litre.

While Eso filling station in Ogijo, Ikorodu, sold at N700 per litre on Monday, Rain Oil situated around Ojodu Berger axis of Lagos followed closely with a pump price of N650 per litre, with Bovas and Yerevan selling at N640 per litre.

However, Eterna, Oando, Amuf oil and NNPC were not selling diesel as of the time the survey was conducted.

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