Did you know the Aso Villa security officials always beg for money from ‘important dignitaries’?!

The Federal government has warned security agents attached to the
Presidential Villa, Abuja, to desist from harassing prominent
personalities visiting the premises.

According to the office of the Chief Security to the President, some
security personnel are in the habit of ‘pestering, escorting’ and
begging for money from important dignitaries.

A circular signed by Auwal Maikano on behalf of the Chief Security
Officer to the President on Thursday, warned members of staff that
strict measures would be taken against those who persist with the
unprofessional conduct.

“The CSO to the President/C-in-C has observed with dismay the
unprofessional conduct of some officers and men of the security
department working in the Presidential Villa. These disturbing acts,
such as pestering, escorting and hanging around important dignitaries
such as governors and ministers coming to the Villa, must stop

“Any security personnel or State House Staff caught indulging in such
acts will henceforth be summarily sanctioned. For the avoidance of
doubt, all security personnel must remain at their various beats at all

“All are also warned and reminded that: (i) begging for financial
gratification and any form of soliciting for assistance from visitors to
the Presidential Villa and (ii) behaving in a manner inimical to the of
conduct of security personnel working in the Presidential Villa will
attract severe sanctions.”

“Consequently, the CSO to the President/C-in-C has constituted a
committee to discreetly monitor the activities of all security personnel
working in the Presidential Villa. Any security personnel caught in
such acts will have himself or herself to blame.”

“This circular is to serve as a last warning to such violators of the
code of conduct and ethics of security personnel/State House Staff
working in the Presidential Villa.”


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