Diary of a Single Naija Babe

day has come and gone o and I am still feeling indifferent about a
lotta things, you know. It’s like every day I meet new guys that just
trigger competition on PB* but I know that they do not stand a chance;
if only he knew! Hiss. Anyways, so this day I am going home, and I have
to go to CMS first to get the bus and every. In short, today was just
completely funny. True. You can’t imagine who caught my attention
today…get ready for this o…a conductor! Don’t laugh because it’s not
funny. The guy was so fine and he had this smile about him that made me
Its unbelievable…I know! But I couldn’t help it. Ah, when the
guy now wanted to collect my fare, he said something like…’fine geh’…o
boy! I blushed o…forget! Lol. I just fronted for the guy and bit my lips
from smiling…see, the guy was fine o, true. It was just that he was
dressed…well…like a conductor, but his looks were OMG!!! I now started
imagining that I would…God forbid…take this kinda guy to popsy and
introduce him as my boo. Hahahaha…Nigerian film proper! We sha left the
bus station and I realized that the guy would not follow us to our
destination. I wasn’t happy o…at all. Lol. I’m being serious. But shey
you know that if I had a boo, I wouldn’t be daydreaming about a
conductor. A conductor!!! Gad!!! What was I thinking???!!!

*PB-Potential Boo



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