Diary: Life is full of drama

And here goes my diary for the week:
I often wonder why people go to the cinemas to watch movies
or tune in to tv stations to watch soap operas when life itself is all about
For instance, you are in the middle of a beautiful dream and
your alarm starts to ring ‘wake up, it’s morning’…the fact that you hiss and
put off the alarm is drama. Say minutes later you wake up and you realize you
are damn late for work or wherever it is that you are supposed to go, so you
jump out of bed, hurriedly brush your teeth, say a quick word of prayer or two
and make for the bathroom only to realize that the water from the shower is
freaking cold and then you succumb to the “Rub and shine’ option because going
to boil water would make you late…isn’t that drama! Rub and shine is where you wash your armpit, and wherever necessary,
without having a complete bath…lolz

 Just because you are damn late, you skip breakfast, and hurry
out of the house with the hope of having a great day, only to step out of the
house and then you see your neighbors (a couple) fighting like mad people. The
husband is saying to the wife “I will kill you oh” and the wife in return
tightens her wrapper and shouts “kill me, oya kill me now”…you become confused,
especially because these same couple were the ones that came to preach peace to
you the night before (drama).

As if that is not enough, you step out into the streets and
there you see pupils and students hurrying to school, passengers struggling to
get into buses or Molues, even the so-called Okada riders are not left out. You
see big men and women drive by in their big cars, some even splash mud water on
the poor souls that can only afford trekking down to wherever their destination
is (drama).
You flag down one of the greedy looking Okada drivers who
charges you double of the normal fare, because he sees that you don’t have  a choice…you hiss, board the bike and
probably wear the annoying helmet he gives to you…isn’t that drama.
Still on the road, you see others that are probably in the
same shoes as yours who are also on okadas because they are late for their
destinations…and then you see a crush of yours whom you have probably told
before that “Oh no, I don’t take bikes on the express, I can’t even stand them
drive past you, you immediately look down to avoid been seen…(drama)…in the movies, they call this section, ‘suspense’…
 You finally get to work but while clocking in, you discover
that you are almost 45 minutes late, you look left and right and make sure no
one is watching and then you clock that you came in much earlier. While doing
that, a colleague of yours passes by, and you try to cover up with a stammer
like: “wow, I love your outfit, or you look good” to avoid being caught…drama! 
 Getting into your cubicle, you realize that there are loads
of files and documents that you have to attend to. You hiss aloud, not because
of the files but because your nose is greeted by the nice-smelling perfume of your office partner
whom you are probably not-in- the-moment-speaking with. In the movie world, they call that, Malice
if you haven’t seen enough, your mobile phone doesn’t ring throughout your day
at the office, which makes you feel that 
‘no one cares’ yet your colleague has received like dozens of calls and
messages. So, when your phone finally rings, in excitement you press the answer
button and then you realize it’s a flash/beep. You go ahead to pretend that you
are receiving a call, simply because…lolz, isn’t it drama?
You fall in love but the person you are in love doesn’t love
you back and vice versa, you have misunderstandings with friends, you have dreams
you want to accomplish and so much more…it’s all drama!
Many, many, and many more instances and at the end of the
day, you shake your head and realize that Life itself is drama; everything that
happens in it and all that is yet to be seen is all drama!!!
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