Davido is Evading the Truth, his released CCTV footage is useless :- Tagbo’s friend speaks out

Davido’s release of his own clip from the night Tagbo died, Dami, a
family friend to Tagbo’s family, has revealed the tape is of no use in
the ongoing investigation.

Speaking with Saturday Beats, Damilola Usman, said: “Few
days ago, I was told that during Davido’s visit to the police station,
he brought the guys who dumped Tagbo’s body at the general hospital to
the police station. The same guys that they saw in the CCTV were the
ones that were brought to the police station. The CCTV in the hospital
showed the guys that dropped him and the way he was dropped at the

“From my observation, the police investigation would not be based on the
CCTV from the Shisha Room where they went to drink. Davido is only
trying to defend himself by releasing the CCTV video footage of the
Shisha Room because the police already have that footage and they had
seen it before Davido’s camp released the video. I believe they are
going to base their investigation on the hospital’s CCTV.
“The question that Davido has been asked is why he asked people to
drop Tagbo at the hospital and he is denying the claims. They are asking
Davido that why his escorts would leave him to go and drop Tagbo’s body
in the hospital. He is showing us the Shisha Room CCTV which revealed
that the guy was drunk. We are all aware that he was drunk, but how did
they treat him after realising that he was drunk? That is the question
that he is being asked but he is trying to evade it. I saw the CCTV
footage at the police station and he knows the guys that went to drop
him at the hospital. They are his boys; one of them was wearing a red
fez cap and an Adidas clothing head to toe. The guys that went to drop
him are Davido’s friend. I saw one of the guys at the Shisha Room on
that fateful day and later that night, I also saw him at the Elegushi
Beach but I don’t know when they went to drop him at the hospital. The
police already have all the evidence they need and they are
investigating the matter.
footage that was released which showed that Tagbo was high at the
Shisha Room is not the issue; the question is what happened after.”
Dami also revealed that Tagbo’s dad died 5-years ago and his mum is currently battling stroke:

“Tagbo’s father died about five or six years ago. He is the first son
but second child of his mother. He has a younger brother, Chigbo but
his elder sister who is the first born of the family is based in the UK.
His mother has stroke and I am sure she is not happy about what is
happening being a mother. I cannot really say much about the state of
his mother and the only person that can say much about her is Chigbo
because she is currently not in Lagos,” he said.


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