Danfo driver fails to impress after threatening to beat up a Jumia staff

Earlier this evening, a Danfo driver in Lagos threatened to beat up a Jumia dispatch rider who was on his way to deliver food to a customer

It appeared the Danfo driver belittled the Jumia staff considering his neat appearance as opposed to his own rough and poor dress sense

Quite typical of Danfo drivers, he had made a driving blunder and the Jumia staff was said to demand an apology. In order to avoid what was expected of him, the danfo driver started what Lagosians refer to as “initial gra-gra”

After threatening the driver with his thug lifestle and talks, he failed to meet up to expectation as the two angry drivers collide in a fight

The pained Jumia dispatch driver did justice by beating him to stupour despite the consequences that may arise

Eye witnesses at the undisclosed venue of the incident further encouraged the fight as it appeared they both had scores to settle after their initial exchange of words

A female passenger was heard in the background of the now viral video, showing concern only over her already paid transport fare

Check video out here;

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