Dammy Krane: Police found multiple fraudulent credit cards with the singer (details)

Singer Dammy Krane was
found in possession of multiple fraudulent credit cards, according to
the arrest affidavit filed by Miami-Dade detectives.

The singer and his accomplice, Ilochukwu Gabriel, were on Thursday, June 1, arrested in Miami-Dade, Florida.

police affidavit obtained by Africa Music Law says two detectives,
officers Vargas and Lopez, laid in wait at the Opa Locka Airport for the

The detectives were said to have acted based on a report
filed by Eugene Kesselman, the CEO of TapJets – where the defendants
allegedly carried out transactions with the stolen credit cards.

investigative check of the 7 credit cards in the possession of
Johnson-Hunga revealed that the numbers did not match that of the
numbers on the embossed strip. This confirms that the defendant was in
possession of multiple fraudulent credit cards,” read the affidavit.

further read: “Defendant Johnson-Hunga had his passport along with
several credit cards in his front pant pocket. There were 3 credit cards
that were in the name of the defendant and four more that were in the
name of William Payton III.

“A search incident to the arrest revealed several cell phones and laptops that were in the defendant’s bags.”

TapJets CEO was quoted as saying that none of the credit cards used to
book for the private jet flights was in the name of the defendants.

He said the first attempt by the defendants to purchase the charter flight was denied.

attempt, Kesselman said, was carried out through the account of Gabriel
Ilochukwu but through an American Express Credit Card of a different

After the initial denial, “a second account was created using the name Emmanuel Johnson from the same cell phone”.

He said they were successful on the second attempt when they carried out a transaction worth $10, 943.

said he knew the defendants were using the same phone because “every
time someone creates an account using the app, the cell phone serial
number is recorded in the company database”.

He said that the cell phone had been used in a similar fraud incident that occurred on March 24.

Dammy Krane is set to be arraigned on Friday, June 23.

His family has said he is innocent of the crime, blaming show promoters for the alleged crime.


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