Dad allows man who gang-raped 13 year old daughter wed her in Kano

The father of a 13-year-old girl who was allegedly gang-raped by four youths has permitted one of them to marry her.

The Kano State Hisbah Board’s Dala Command had last month arrested
four youths over the allegation that they gang-raped a 13-year-old girl
(name withheld) at Tudun Rubudi, Ungogo local government in Kano State.

Sani Isa, Usaini Ja’afar, Jamilu Sani and Isa Musa were all found
naked at an uncompleted building shortly after they forcefully had
carnal knowledge of the girl, according to eyewitness accounts.

After interrogation, Hisbah officials said, three of the suspects
confessed that they had actually raped her after one of them had lured
her where the assault took place. But mild drama ensued when Ja’afar was
facing the Hisbah’s interrogation and he pleaded to marry the girl,
begging her father to give his blessings.

To show he was serious about his marriage proposal, Ja’afar has since
introduced his family to that of his victim, according to the girl’s

“He came with his uncle, who it turned out I already knew and had a
cordial relationship with,” Malam Ya’u told Weekly Trust. “So I accepted
the request and will marry her off to him. In fact, the date for the
wedding has been fixed since. I decided to allow him marry the girl
because our consultations with our Malams (Islamic clerics) showed that
there is nothing wrong about that,” Malam Ya’u told Daily Trust.

He added that he’ll accept Ja’afar as a son-in-law wholeheartedly,
even after initially rejecting the proposal, considering the gravity of
the offence that the alleged rapists committed.

Ya’u said: “After pleas from all
angles, I succumbed. However, we haven’t taken chances, ensuring she
undergo medical tests. Results have shown that she’s OK.”

Ya’u also had a meeting with Ja’afar, his future son-in-law.

“I told him the implication of what he’s done and advised him to
become a more responsible person who would be useful to himself and
society,” he said.

Kano-based Islamic scholar Sheikh Fadlu Dan Almajiri Fagge has said
that Islam does not have any quarrel with a rapist marrying his victim,
provided certain conditions are met.

“First, the girl has to observe Istibira’i, a month period to ensure
absence of pregnancy. The girl should not also be among those prohibited
for the rapist. Provided those conditions are met, marriage can take
place with the consent of the girl and her parents.”

But while he said the sin of committing zina (adultery) and its
punishment would be there for the rapist, “That cannot stop the


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