CUPP reveals how Buhari can prove he’s not ‘Jubril’ from Sudan

The Coalition of United Political Parties, CUPP, has advised President Muhammadu Buhari on how he can proved he was not cloned. This is following insinuations that the president has been cloned while some quarters say he only got replaced by a Jubril from Sudan.

In a statement signed by Ikenga Ugochinyere, its spokesman, CUPP also wondered why Buhari has refused to sign the electoral amendment bill, 2018.

The statement reads: “Many Nigerians do not believe that the Buhari they knew in 2015 who declared that he belonged to everyone and belonged to no one is the same person dividing Nigerians along 97% and 5% and exhibiting the worst levels of nepotism in the appointment of heads of security agencies.

“Hence, President Buhari’s best way to prove to the Nigerians he spoke to in Poland that he is not cloned is to come home as a true Nigerian leader and sign the 2018 amended Electoral Bill into law.”

“We are also sad to say this to you; that there is intelligence that the President has agreed with his kitchen cabinet not to sign the amendment into law.

“We have been informed that after several undue delays, the President is set to communicate the National Assembly anytime from today that he would not be able to sign the amendment due to the existence of Article 2 of the ECOWAS Protocol on democracy and good governance which prohibits countries from making Electoral Act amendments less than six months to elections unless there is consent of the political parties,” the statement added.

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