Controversial S. African pastor, Penuel Mnguni feeds congregants with cockroach and poisonous flower

Controversial South African Pastor Penuel Mnguni
, is at again and this time he reportedly gave his congregants
cockroach and poisonous flower to eat during church service yesterday.

to the message shared on the church’s official Facebook handle, the act
was just to demonstrate faith with the glory that never fades. Here’s
what was written on the handle;

“Demonstration of God’s Power

man of God taught about the faith with the glory that never fades.
Glory that is in the spirit that allows you to command anything to be
anything you want. As he was ministering He called a cockroach to appear
in the church indeed a cockroach appeared and the man of God explained
that in the glory that never fades because it is in the presence of God
by just speaking upon the cockroach it will nolonger be just a cockroach
but it will be food from above for whatever we touch or speak upon
becomes from what is from above for we carry the glory that never fades.
then called out the congregation to come forward and eat. Assuring them
that as they about to eat they will be eating the mystery Christ. Two
brothers came and shared it with each other, As they were eating it by
the surprise to Mr Charles it tasted like a cheese that is not ordinary
and to Mr Eric it tasted like spices. The man of God declared that as
they ate their level of teaching will grow and it will never be the
same. As he spoke this words the power of God touched them both greatly
as they partook what is from the father.
To God Be The Glory”


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