Most of the complaints against SARS are false – Police

The Public Relations Officer of the Police Force in Nigeria, DCP Jimoh Moshood has spoken on the continuous cries from Nigerians over the constant harassment they get from men of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS).

Speaking during an interview on Channels Television on Monday, July 9, 2018, Jimoh Moshood labeled most of the complaints as false as he stated that measures have been put in place to ensure the force works efficiently.

“The IGP has taken the bull by the horns. When he came on board, the first thing he did was to organise a training which involved the national Human Rights Commission, the ICRC, and other NGO’s on human rights training for SARS.

“Equally, when the outcry was coming up, the same kind of training was repeated and he broadened it to ensure that the reorganisation of SARS commenced immediately. He appointed a commissioner of police to be in charge of SARS. SARS are now under the control of the commissioner of police at the force headquarter. They were taken out of the command but they are still under the supervision of the commissioners of police in the state because the constitution is very clear that the commissioner of police in every state is in charge of all the police deployment/operatives in such a state.

“Now, human rights desk office have been opened in the command who are not under the control of the commander SARS of every state.

“As we speak, the commander SARS have been rotated. Some of them that are found not being fit, maybe because of age or some antecedent, have been taken off and new people have replaced them.

“Of recent, the Nigerian Policing Project has herded a team of police officers and equally NGOs and CSOs to take complaints from the public to ensure that anything that has to do with complaint from SARS are addressed.

“But largely, most of the complaints that people painted on Facebook or other social media are not correct. Those that have been correct have been investigated. Some people have been found culpable and they have been tried and dismissed.”

Most of the complaints against SARS are false - Police

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