Comedian Ali Baba’s wife, Mary Akpobome yet to be recalled back from her bank suspension

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Mary Akpobome, wife of ace comedian and actor, Atunyota Alleluya
Akpobome, alias Ali Baba, were to come back to this world, she would
most probably choose banking as a career.  The reason may be that
banking has done so much for her since she ventured into it.

Very pretty, brainy and confident, she
is believed to hold the magic wand that can turn the fortunes of any
moribund bank around. It is, therefore, not surprising that she has
risen to an enviable height in the industry.
However, reports reaching Spy Glass
about Akpobome are not too pleasant, since her employer, Heritage Bank,
placed her  on an indefinite suspension to recover the loans she signed
off. It was gathered that the big girl has been running from pillar to
post to get back her position.
Until her suspension, the 49-year-old,
who started her career in 1991, was overseeing the service and
management group of the bank. Prior to her joining the bank, Akpobome,
who holds an MBA from the University of Lagos, Akoka, had worked in
Citizens International Bank (now Enterprise Bank Limited, Nigeria) and
Bank PHB (now Keystone Bank).

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