Catholic Bishop reveals what Nigerian leaders go to Jerusalem and Saudi Arabia to do with stolen money

Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah, the Catholic Bishop of the diocese of Sokoto, has attacked corrupt leaders in Nigeria.

During the Wake Mass for Archbishop Peter Yariyock Jatau at St. Joseph’s Catholic Cathedral in Kaduna, the cleric criticized them, saying “We sin at home by stealing the nation’s resources but we seek repentance and forgiveness in Saudi Arabia and Jerusalem in the guise of lesser or higher pilgrimages”.

The sermon were he talked about all these corrupt leaders is titled , “A Nation in Search of Its Soul”.

Kukah said people commonly lament that the country is full of churches and mosques, but their rulers can not discover the principles of religions.

Nigeria was compared by the National Peace Committee member to the proverbial farmer looking for his black goat since darkness is setting in.

“Our nation has become one huge waste land, huge debris of the deceit, lies, treachery, double dealing and duplicity. Nigerian politicians have turned our politics into a huge trojan horse, a hoax, a hall of guile and dissimulation,” he said.

Kukah cautioned that in domestic violence and inter-communal disputes, general discontent was on the rise and obvious.

“A combination of all these has turned us unto a nation at war with itself,” the Bishop stated.

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