Carolyn Omwoma, the Kenyan lady who ‘died and resurrected’

No one understands the magnitude of death until it has shown its hand
in their life or among people they know,Such is the case of Carolyn
Omwoma who was in a fatal accident on Saturday, February 1, 2014 along the Keroka-Sotik highway.

She left home with her sister and were happy to be sat beside two
other ladies; Risper and Wilkister for the journey. The first stop they
had was at Keumbu where they urged the driver to pull over for mothers
to buy their children fruits.
Following the brief shopping break, the journey proceeded on and all
passengers except for her, the driver and Risper’s son, took a nap.
On approaching Keroka town,  After a while, she too fell into a deep sleep before texting her sister as she’d planned to.

“From there on, the only thing I remember to date, was
being awoken by a loud bang, screams and sounds of shattering glasses. I
was lost in my sleep, so I didn’t know where I was or what exactly had
happened. My spirit was far away from this world, because I found myself
in some sort of desert, all alone,” added Omwoma according to her May 9
Fb post. She then found herself talking to herself in this
“transitional world”, confirming she was still alive and was heading to Nairobi. She also willed herself to move her body and was relieved when she ‘magically’ opened her eyes.
“I opened my eyes and that’s when reality hit on me that an accident
had occurred. What followed next was a loud scream “Nitoeni tafadhali
Niko hai!

The lady on my right wasn’t moving, the one on my left, I didn’t even
see her!,” added Omwoma. One of the women she’d gotten to know died in
the incident with others. Samaritans surrounded the car and begun
pulling passengers out and it was then she discovered she had a hip

“On the road, lay the lifeless body of some bodaboda guy
who caused our vehicle to swerve off the road. One journalist and one
lady lost their lives, may they rest in Paradise. That never meant that I
was safe though because upon reaching Nairobi, I developed chest
complications and would be unable to breath,” continued Omwoma.

She was then rushed to hospital where a blood clot was discovered.
The private hospital demanded too much money as deposit and so, she was
transferred to Kenyatta National Hospital. Years later, her leg injury
began acting up again and in Januarys 2017, she was re-diagnosed.

“I had developed a condition known as Avuncular Necrosis,
stage 3. I was advised to seek further medical attention at AIC Kijabe
Hospital. This is where I was last month and the orthopedic consultant
said I need a total hip replacement,” said Carolyn Omwoma.



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