Caroline Danjuma sheds more light on Tagbo’s relationship with Davido

Tagbo, Davido and his crew

Caroline Dajuma requests for
Justice to be served over the loss of her relative Tagbo, who was said
to be Davido’s friend and even partied with Davido and his crew last

The crew abandoned him when they realised he was lifeless in the car last night, and reported him to be a drunk to the police.
Caroline now seeks for justice and says that Davido cannot buy her silence with money! Says he has found his match!
She just posted this “You gave ur all .. when they
needed ur assistance you were always there for them .. Tag you don’t
deserve this .. this world is cruel .. I warned you but u were always
acting mr nice they labelled you an alcohol addict which is a big
lie .. I won’t keep shut .. a glass of Henessy and cranberry gets u
tipsy .. just a glass .. cool , calm and minding ur own biz was all you
were .. all the lies they say now to cover up .. if only you could wake
up and speak for urself .. I won’t keep shut …. only the wicked would
act like it’s nothing … you called them your friend but they left you
to die”


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