CAN reacts to allegations Pantami was involved in death of ex-Kaduna Gov, Yakowa


The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) has said it is shocked at allegations that the Minister of Communications, Isa Ali Pantami and Muslim leaders were behind the death of former Kaduna Governor, Patrick Yakowa.

CAN Chairman in Kaduna, Rev. John Joseph Hayab, said the church and Yakowa’s family consider the allegation very serious and feel it could impact national security.

Hayab further said sensitive documents like the ones purported to be from the JNI meeting in Bauchi, should be subjected to thorough security investigation and trials.

“The danger of making this a media issue, instead of a legal and security issue that it ought to be, is that we stand to lose the most important point; that of bringing to justice persons accused to have wronged the law,” he said.

CAN said there is a need for circumspection and care so that we do not throw our communities into further chaos in the rush to hang one man.

The former Special Adviser on Religious Affairs to Yakowa recalled that when his principal died in an air crash, there was no inquiry to determine the cause of his death, aside from the immediate and likely technical fault leading to the helicopter crash.

“We, the Christian community and indeed his immediate family acknowledged the tragedy, submitting to the will of God Almighty. For that purpose, there is no point, now or later, to open up what will not bring back our leader and father but rather open up old wounds in a very controversial manner”, he noted.

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