But what was Azuka thinking when she stepped out this?

Woman twerks on dead body

As they say, remove the log in your eye before attempting to remove the spec in the eye of others 🙂
When it comes to Fashion, I am nowhere near perfect but come on, I know when someone looks really awful!

This woman Azuka Ogujiuba,(pictured above) actually stepped like
this for the AY Live show on Sunday night and oh my, words fail me.
I have nothing against her, as a matter of fact i love how she
criticizes celebrities in her articles for ThisDay newspaper but this
look of hers is a No, no.
To think that this same woman recently mocked Toke Makinwa’s outfit to the Headies awards saying “They
just wanted her out of the stage every time she came out in any of her
horrible outfits which, as usual, were given to her free by designers,
who also have fallen prey to her ‘fakeness’…heard from the seat behind me someone asking ‘Why is this girl fooling
herself? What nonsense is she wearing and why would she wear a ‘Padded
Butt’ in this kind of outfit? Another said she looked like she wore
pampers, and the comments and laughter at Toke’s foolery went on and on.
And I just thought to myself who is actually her stylist?”
Yet she stepped out like this and saw nothing wrong???!!! I had to look through her photos of BN again and again and again, shaking my head, Lawd have mercy!
Someone on BN said “Azuka Ogujiuba hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. So this is the thing
that thoroughly dissed Toke? I cannot find the words to qualify this
scruffy and scraggy mess. She looks like a dirty person. What is that
hair about? Are those leg warmers? Ojuju calabar. This is the definition
of a masquerade. If I ever see you write crap about anyone again, I
will find you and flog you after shoving this picture down your throat.
Let me just quietly save the picture now. ” and I totally agree 🙂


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