Business man slumps & dies hours after mourning the death of his friend (Photos)

Donald Don Prince, a Maryland, US-based Cameroonian business man, has passed away yesterday following the mourning of the death of his friend. Prince died on Wednesday, January 17, just hours after he took to Facebook to mourn the demise of his friend.

Prince was until his death the founder and CEO of Khati Khati chicken Ltd.

On Thursday evening, the deceased had posted a tribute to the friend, Dj Tambe, who showed him around when he first came to Maryland.

“One of his biggest wish was for me to move to Maryland. He took me around. Introduced me to his family and friends at high places. Helped me with a great strategy I still use today…
“Boy na here the money de he says”
Nothing sweet and remains In the mouth.
Big loss for International Khati Khati chicken ltd
May his soul continue to Rest in peace.
Dj Tambe” he wrote.

According to his friend, MC Chaz, Donald Prince came to his office for a meeting six hours ago before his death.

“Barely 6 hours ago, you left my office with your wife after a new year start up meeting. 40 minutes later you go into your room and die? No be so my brother.. Don, no be so.. that’s not what we planned and talked about. I wasn’t going to post anything till I confirmed the story and I just left the hospital. You brought 250 dollars and a plate of suya to my office and that suya is still in my office and the money is still on the table. My brother is that how you do? Don! Go in peace”  MC Chaz wrote.

Business man slumps & dies

According to report, the late Donald arrived America in 2010. His aunt greatly loved cooking and was a specialist in this delicious Cameroon dish named khati-khati. Her friends as well as her husband’s and others used to drive long distances just to come and eat khati khati in her place for free. His aunt’s husband would take him around the farms looking for chicken to buy for the preparation of this dish. He realized how important it was and how much people loved the hard smoked chicken. He then decided to start a small enterprise which he originally ran part-time. This is a business built on personality. He literally took it over from his aunt’s husband saving him from running around dashing from one store to another.

With diligence, Donald kept expanding his customer base which included an impressive 10.000 people. Needless to say, such large demand requires a corresponding increase in commitment from the young entrepreneur and he continuously stands up to the task, always working hard and extra-time to make sure his customers’ stomachs constantly remain happy organs. To him, satisfaction in business rests primarily with his customers being served on time and with good quality. Back in the country where it originates, Khati Khati remains a delicacy requiring skillful preparation to meet the needs of consumers.

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