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“Bukola Saraki’s Daughter Marrying A Christian Man Is A Sin” – Muslim Facebook User



Yesterday, Ilorin, Kwara state still for the wedding of Senate Pres. Saraki’s daughter, Tosin, to prince Adeniyi Olukoya and the act has displeased a muslim Muslim Facebook user.

Read his piece below:

Tosin Saraki, the daughter of the Senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki
to marry a Christian man that simply shows that Tosin has been following
the religion of her mother (Toyin Saraki) before now and its haram for
any Alfa in Ilorin to coordinate such marriage. Unfortunately, Alfas
Ilorin are more to money than standing for Islam, however, with this
marriage, Bukola Saraki has proved to the northerners that he is more of
a southerner than being a northerner and this marriage will have
consequences on his political agenda even am sure some northerners
politicians will make mockery of daughter’s marriage, Since it’s
impossible to see a Muslim northerner politician to marry off his
daughter to a Christian man, even he can’t allow his son to marry a
Christian lady, though Islam permits this but didn’t permit a Muslim
woman to marry a Christian man.

In the north, marriage and
religion have a strong tie with their political system and with Tosin
Saraki’s marriage to a Christian man that will make it very very
difficult for Bukola Saraki to be adopted by the northerners politicians
to be the presidential candidate for the north coming any year.