Buhari is really sad that Mama Awolowo is dead and here’s why!

President Muhammadu Buhari, is
saddened that the late HID Awolowo, did not live long enough to witness
the changes his administration will make to the country.

Buhari, expressed regrets that Mama Awolowo, died before her
son-in-law, Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo, could make impactful
transformation in Nigeria.

President said this through the Secretary to the Government of the
Federation,  Babachir David Lawal, on Sunday, when he led the
government’s delegation to the residence of the Awolowos, in Ikenne.

He said: “Our regret in government is that Mama did not live long
enough to feel the transformation this country will undergo with the
active participation of her son-in-law, with the active participation of
her grand daughter.

This is something that saddens us. Had she waited well for one or two
more years, I’m sure she would have left this world a very happy woman
indeed, because the fulfilment of what her husband stood for would have
finally come to fruition.”

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