BREAKING: INEC declares election inconclusive in Nasarawa

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) on Sunday declared Nasarawa Eggon East constituency election inconclusive.

Dr George Agenyi, the returning officer for Nasarawa Eggon East constituency in the State House of Assembly, made the declaration on Sunday in Nasarawa Eggon.

Agenyi said the total of number of votes cancelled in the constituency election held on Saturday were more than the winning margin, hence the election was inconclusive.

He listed the polling units where the election were cancelled as follows: Agbunji 004 and Gbagi Tundu polling unit where 251 votes were cancelled; Wakama GGC Gula polling unit where 1,228 votes were cancelled.

Others are: Nasarawa Eggon 011 in Angwan Nungu where 949 votes were cancelled and Ume polling units where 545 votes were cancelled, bringing the total number of votes cancelled to 2,973 votes.

According to the results announced by the returning officer, Mohammed Muluku of APC scored 11,076 votes, Ibrahim Kasimu of APGA scored 8,900 votes, Kudu Jacob of ADC scored 8,678 votes, while Francis Ewuga of PDP pulled 6,241 votes.

“The margin between the winner and opponent is less than the total number of votes cancelled in the four polling units.

“By law, since the margin of win is less than the total number of votes cancelled and registered voters in the areas where the votes have been cancelled, this elections is hereby declared inconclusive,” he said

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