Billionaire kidnapper likely to get life imprisonment or face death penalty sentence!

The Lagos Governor, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode has signed into law Life
Imprisonment or death penalty for the offence of Kidnap and forceful
extortion in Lagos State as he signs into law the state kidnapping
prohibition bill, 2016.
The law provides for death penalty for kidnappers whose victims die in
their custody, and life imprisonment for the act of kidnapping.

The News Agency of Nigeria reports that the Lagos State House of Assembly passed the bill on January 5.

The governor said that the law was enacted to address key issues bordering on security.
He said that kidnapping had become a major threat to the safety of
residents and, therefore, required decisive action by the government.

“This law imposes a penalty of life imprisonment for kidnapping for ransom.
“The law stipulates that, where a victim dies in the course of kidnapping, the suspect is liable on conviction to death.
is of utmost importance to our administration, and we are confident
that this law will serve as a deterrent to anybody, who may desire to
engage in this wicked act within the boundaries of Lagos State.
justice system will be required to execute this law in absolute and make
sure that any criminal caught faces the full wrath of the law,” he

Based on this, it is very likely, George Evans gets a life imprisonment or death penalty sentence.


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