Bibiana Ossai writes on ‘Being a Nigerian’

What does it mean to be a Nigerian?
What does it take to be a Nigerian?
What does it mean to be an African?
My home, my country, my fatherland
The rumors and the corner talks are fatal to patriotism
For heroes themselves speak of the disease that flows in the veins of the structure
The blindness that has hidden the good from strangers
Is the sickness that claim-to-be claims to know.
No matter how ill-spoken people are of the nation,
There is a good in every bad at least so I believe.
Several years ago the thought of abandoning life in my home crossed my mind
But then the hustle and bustle of a Nigerian
The ‘liver’ people in my home suddenly grow
The impatient patience you have to learn
The loud life and songs you have to get used to
Or is it the fresh grown food products that are sold in the markets?
Or the market sellers who teach you that life is not all about luxury?
Could it be the angry but yet helpful citizens that roam the street?
Talk about art, entrepreneur, festivals, entertainment
Speak on nature, tourist centres, adventures or life that my home has to offer.
When people grumble and mumble, I say to myself you are no foreigners
As an indigene no matter the disease or words that spread about my home
I choose to accept where I belong
To take in the air, to experience and to make the best out of what is called nothing
You are your home your country
And a foreigner who knows your home already knows who you are
That is why to build external relationship, you should be your home
Across the Atlantic, over sea, abroad or in the neighbourhood.

Written by  Bibiana Ossai.


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