Benue Deputy Governor accused of infidelity, FG Threatens To Shut Land Borders Over Rice Smuggling and other major headlines you missed today…

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Benue Deputy Governor accused of infidelity

Justice Mary Abounu, wife of the Benue state deputy governor, Engineer Benson Abounu, reportedly slapped her former police orderly, Inspector Jane Agbo, over an accusation that she was having a secret sexual relationship with her husband.

According to Nigerian Concord, This incident occurred at the Benue deputy governor’s Lodge earlier this month. The development made the Nigerian Police Command in the state to redeploy the officer back to the Otukpo Divisional Police Station.

According to an investigation, Mrs Abounu accused her police orderly, Inspector Jane Agbo who started working with her as an Orderly since when she was a court judge, of sleeping with the deputy governor.

It was discovered that the Benue second lady had at several times confronted her police orderly, asking her to confess if the rumour she was receiving that she was sleeping with her husband was true or not.

However, the report stated that Inspector Jane Agbo who is still a single lady denied the allegation and tried on several occasions to make her madam believe that there was nothing between her and the deputy governor.

The straw that finally broke the camel’s back happened two weeks ago when the deputy governor’s wife couldn’t hold her peace.

It was gathered that on that fateful day, Mrs Mary Abounu had asked her erstwhile police orderly to wait behind after their schedules for the day.

While Inspector Agbo was waiting, Mrs Abounu came to her and threatened to assault her openly if she didn’t confess to the lingering rumour that she was sleeping with her husband secretly.

The newspaper learnt that during a heated argument between the two of them, Mrs Abounu slapped Inspector Jane Agbo several times after which she ordered her out of the deputy governor’s Lodge.

It was gathered that Mrs Abounu left a serious instruction that Miss Jane shouldn’t be allowed into the lodge again.

As she demanded, the security operatives at the deputy governor’s Lodge turned the former police orderly back when she came to resume her duties the following morning.

On hearing that, Inspector Jane Agbo returned to the Benue state police headquarters in Makurdi where she was told of her immediate redeployment to the Otukpo Divisional Police Headquarters.

Inspector Jane Agbo confirmed the incident via phone. She confirmed her redeployment as a result of the heated argument and assault she got from the deputy governor’s wife two weeks ago.

She said it was sad that a woman she had been serving as her police orderly since when she was a high Court judge could be saying all sorts of rubbish about her.

Jane stressed further that she wondered why Mrs Abounu could be accusing her of dating her husband, adding that the deputy governor isn’t her type of man.

Her words: ” I wonder why this woman (Mrs Abounu) is saying all sorts of rubbish just to tarnish my image.

“I have never had any sexual relationship with her husband, and again the man is not even my taste if at all I want to date anyone.

“Although I am a single lady and I can take you or anyone to see my boyfriend, and when you see him, you will quickly agree with me that the deputy governor is not my taste”

Asked why she didn’t force her way back into the government House as Mrs Abounu’s police orderly, Inspector Agbo said she didn’t because she was tired of working with her erstwhile boss.

She added that she had been tolerating Mrs Abounu’s excesses right from the time she was serving as her orderly at the high Court.

Jane said she believes the deputy governor’s wife is just telling lies and making false accusations against her over nothing.

She said: “It is a greater sin to maliciously lie against someone than to kill him or her. I have handed madam over to God to do the right judgment.

“I am glad about my redeployment because I am tired of working with a devilish and wicked person like her.

“Let her continue her lies against me but I know at the right time, God will vindicate me. To God who made me, I didn’t have any secret affair with her husband, the deputy governor.

In a related development, Deputy Governor Benson Abounu has threatened to make life unbearable for his wife if she fails to send her current Orderly packing and bring Inspector Jane Agbo back.

According to Abounu in a heated argument, he had with his wife last weekend, Jane has been a very trusted and reliable police officer over the years.

Meanwhile, it was learnt that the deputy governor only wants the former orderly back as a way to prevent her from divulging some of the family and government secrets which she is already aware of.

FG Threatens To Shut Land Borders Over Rice Smuggling

The Federal Government has threatened to shut some land borders if the smuggling of rice continues from neighbouring countries.

Chief Audu Ogbeh, the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, gave the warning on Monday while speaking to newsmen on some of the Federal Government’s achievements in the agriculture sector in the last two years in Abuja.

Ogbeh said the decision had become necessary to encourage local rice farmers and to enable the country achieve self sufficiency in rice by 2018.

“We believe they are determined to sabotage the efforts that we are making to guarantee self sufficiency in rice and to save foreign exchange which we don’t have.

FAAN Moves To Check Touting, Bribery At Nigerian Airports

The Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria, FAAN has commenced the process of putting an end to touting, bribe collection and other vices at airports across the country, an official has said.

In a statement made available on Sunday by the agency’s Acting General Manager, Corporate Affairs, Henrietta Yakubu, the agency said the development was part of efforts to implement the executive order signed by Acting President Yemi Osinbajo.

According to the statement, the Managing Director of FAAN, Saleh Dunoma, directed that officials of the agency should ensure full compliance with the order.

As part of the executive order, Mr. Osinbajo had ordered that touting by official or unofficial persons must end at all the ports of entry to the country, and that on duty staff must be properly identified by uniform and official cards, noting that off duty staff must stay away from the ports except with the express approval of the agency head.

The statement explained that the acting president had also said that all non-official staff should be removed from the secured areas of airports and that any official caught soliciting or receiving bribes from passengers or other port users would be subjected to immediate removal from the post and would face disciplinary as well as criminal proceedings.
The FAAN boss, therefore, noted that the agency was set to implement full compliance, adding that
the necessary machinery had been put in place to ensure a successful implementation of the order, which he would personally supervise.


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