Female beggar who feigns blindness regains sight after being threatened with tear-gas

An alleged blind beggar identified as Ada Nwachukwu was nabbed today at Jakpa junction in Warri after she was dragged down to the police station and threatened with tear gas.

Ada Nwachukwu is said to hail from Orlu in Imo State. Threats by Police officers in Delta State to unleash teargas reportedly led the woman to open her eyes.

A Facebook user Joshua Omorere shared the report and wrote…

Read the report below;

They come to Warri from the east mostly from IMO state to hussle in Warri as blind. I have severally warn this particular woman and some others at Jakpa junction but they refused to desist from this ugly trade.

I had to formally report them to the Police at Ebrumede, on the 12th of December 2018 at about quarter to 11am I storm Jakpa junction with police officers to arrest her. Although some were very smart to have escape but luck ran against this woman, at first herself and her daughter were crying and the Police officers were just contemplating whether to continue the arrest or leave her because they were convince the woman is blind but I insist.

On getting to the station ,one other Police man threatening to put tear gas in her eyes, it was then she owe up that she is not blind. Her name according to her is Ada Nwachukwu ,she came to Warri to hussle from Orlu in IMO state. Let’s not encourage these women by giving them money, none of them are blind. I mean none of them are blind. They make a minimum of five thousand naira daily, as at when she was arrested she had made N3,270.

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