Be Inspired: That you are physically challenged doesn’t mean you can’t SHAKE your world! (photos)


Last year, we brought you photos and story of a bridesmaid (here),   Lizzy O. who doesn’t let her disability prevent her form doing we bring you amazing photos of some models.

Designer Antonio Urzi made history by featuring
models from across the world with different disabilities this Fashion
Week, a collection of runway shows most often featuring cookie-cutter
runway models. 
During FTL Moda’s fall/winter 2015 show titled “FTL Moda
Loving You,” Jack Eyers became the first-ever male amputee on the runway
at NYFW.
“To be the first male amputee model on a New
York Fashion Week runway feels amazing,” Eyers said in a press release,
according to Caters News. “It feels like such a big deal. I just want to show that having a disability doesn’t need to hold you back.”

According to BuzzFeed,
Urzi partnered with Fondazione Vertical, an Italian research foundation
for spinal cord injuries, for the show. He also cast female amputees
as models, some of whom were in wheelchairs.

This came just days after the highly praised Carrie Hammer show, which featured American Horror Story actress Jamie Brewer, who has Down syndrome.

Kudos to designers showing a bit more diversity this season. After
all, very few people actually look like six-foot-tall runway models


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