Battle of the side chick and real chick: Kehinde Smith and another lady slam each other over Jovago boss, Marek Zmyslowski

Kenny and Marek

Late last year or thereabout, we featured a beautiful inter-racial couple, 25 year old Kehinde Smith and her boo, Marek “Chinedu” Zmyslowski (HERE). Kehinde (Nigerian) is the CEO of My Extensionz and Founder of several other companies while Marek (Polish) is the Co-Founder of
as well as an investor in a number of other tech ventures.
Well, there is a drama revolving around them.

 It all started when Kenny took to her Instagram page to call out another lady, Ronke Ladipo, with instagram handle @eknorronkee and accused of her cyber bullying, sending her death threats and even threatening her unborn child.

The victim

“SMH I usually don’t do this but this woman @eknorronkee aka @austinp2341 @scrollingtoday @mollywhippum89 (fake account) has lead me to no choice. Since I’ve moved to Nigeria this girl has been cyber bullying me. Sending death threat messages, emails, & dms. I never responded even once. Mom always says.. “Silence is the best answer for a fool” so I left her alone to God. But when you threaten my future unborn child.. I don’t mind being a fool right along with you. That’s one thing I will not tolerate or joke with. I’ve done nothing to this girl. I don’t even know who she is. Please tell @eknorronkee to leave me alone. This is too much… I know this is TMI but I do not know any other way to handle this… Restraining order? Police report? Does this even work in Nigeria?” Kenny wrote.

Well, the accused has responded and she told her own side of the story with prove of how Kenny’s boo was flirting with her. Apparently she has even done business with Kenny before!

“There are always 2 sides to a story and I’ve been compelled to say my say my side. First I have not been in contact with Kehinde or her Marek since February 2016 when Kehinde pretended to be Marek to hassle me on Facebook for details of which I shut it down quickly and you can see from the posts. I have never threatened or harassed anyone because of MAN. . . I met Marek over 2 and half years ago and it ended 3 months after we met because of his very bad habits which I could never stand. I do not and will never be part of fighting for a man. I am young and hard working, running my own business and I am currently in a very good relationship. 

 Kehinde is obviously disillusioned and desperate to keep her straying man that she reacted to the only person she knows personally to have been involved with her Marek. Please Kehinde and Marek leave me alone I want nothing to do with you guys, I’m not interested in this cheap social media attention that you guys obviously love.”

 Interestingly, Kenny responded by posting this loved up photo of her and Marek.


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