Awww! Nigerian Lady Who Called Out Husband After Beating Her During Pregnancy Reconciles With Him

Never Write Anything Or Anyone Off! Remember the story of a Nigerian lady, Lyrnda Onwunali, who recently called out her estranged husband, Okpoebo Chidozie for beating her up while she was pregnant here? They are back together and she has publicly apologized
See what she wrote and lessons you should learn from all that happened below…
Recall that she said then

‘He beats me at every opportunity including when I’m pregnant and breastfeeding. Lying against you right in your presence comes so easily to him, he is the most ungrateful person I’ve met.’ 

Now the same woman who took to Facebook to call him out is the same woman who has also taken to Facebook to announce their reconciliation. And we are happy about the development
Here is what she wrote…

“Hello Everyone , I a Lyrnda Onwunali (formerly ) but temporarily Zymmie David on here (Zymmie is the pet name for Ozioma, which happen to be my native name & David is one of the names given to my newly born son). I needed to change to this new name so as to prevent being easily identified by some unfamiliar accounts as I became an easy target for many who decided to turn themselves to an enemy. 

By the way, on the 4th & 5th of October, 2017, I had a very silly post on here about my hubby “Okpoebo Chidozie” go viral; a result of plain anger on my side (which the bible explicitly stated “lies in the bossom of fools”) & of impulsivity. And even though that post might have provided a lot of opportunity to rain abuse on me by some and a source of sheer entertainment for many others; I’d like to state here that none of those characters stated in that post defines or portrays my husband, no, not even one of it. In a bid to express my anger over what now seem to be a highly insignificant issue , I apparently did hurt my own very self and ego & so would agree that I deserved every single insult I did receive. 

I’d like to sincerely apologize to my husband OKPOEBO CHIDOZIE, the father of my own son, Ryan Somtochukwu Chibuike; my pride, my strength and my heartbeat & to ask him to please forgive me for that momentary madness, for letting the devil have his moment . I’d also like to ask for the forgiveness of my ever loving mum, brothers, sisters, very highly genuine friends, especially #Ebenebe Chinedu* *sobs* and my pastor for disappointing them so badly but more importantly, i want to thank yall for the moral support, sound advice and fervent prayers y’all offered. Thank you all for never leaving me when it looked like the entire world was against me. Y’all made me feel very loved and strong again, you were there when I needed you the most. 

I’d also like to state that the sanity and peace in our home has been fully restored and that my husband, our son, Ryan and myself are happily back together as one family. Thank you so very much my hubby for letting us have our home, our pride and our peace back. I love you so very much my heart; I could never have asked for a more understanding and forgiving husband; may God Almighty continue to grow, enlarge, keep, protect, direct and bless you for our young family. I love you from the very bottom of my heart. May God bless you always.
#HappyTogetherAgain #WhatGodHasJoinedTogetherLetNoManPutAssunder #GenuinelyThankful.”
Lessons we think can be learnt from everything
1. Anger will make you do things you might later regret in the 
2. No relationship is too constrained or crooked that it cannot be reconciled or made straight
3. Do not be too egoistic to publicly admit your wrong and mistakes
4. Apologizing does not make you a weakling or make you worse off rather it shows your strength and courage

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