Meet the 11-year-old boy that did not cry after losing mum to Ebola

Victor, 11, Sheku (5 years-old, left) and Ibrahim (4 years-old, right) have just been released from the government-run treatment centre in Kenema, Sierra Leone, after surviving the deadly Ebola Virus.

They spent over three weeks at the centre where they lost their mother in the first few days. Victor, the eldest, said he did not cry when his mother died because he didn’t want to scare his little brothers, and because they were sick too. He spent his days taking care of them, making sure they were fed and well cared for.

Now the boys will be cared for by their grandmother as their father also died. Victor says he is anxious
to start school again, whenever classes resume.

This is a story of strength in the midst of death and despair.


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